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Our Services

We specialize in concierge services for older adults in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina.    Our team serves our elder community with love, dignity, respect in excellence and ON purpose!   We offer a range of services that are sure to help you and/or your loved one age gracefully.


Our non-medical companion services primarily focus on our clients emotional, physical and social needs.   Let us help with some of these   activities, assist in bringing joy and meaning back into their lives and the desire to do more and live a meaningful life. 


Your loved ones health and safety come’s FIRST!!!   We strictly follow CDC,   facility and your guidelines.   We adhere to any specific instructions that are required to keep your loved one safe and secure.   Call today for a price quote.

Companion Care

Everyone needs somebody!  These are regularly scheduled sitting visits.   One hour minimum required.

Send A Friend

Who doesn't enjoy gifts or being thought of?   This is our signature service!!!  We’ll sit with your loved one for 30 minutes, have fun and bring along a small gift with a note from you!   Consider doing this monthly for consistency and relationship building.  Corporate sponsorships available too.

Activity Engagement

Let's Go!  We’ll help your loved one stay active by walking with them in a safe environment, playing games, reading, gardening, creating arts and crafts or something safe that they like to do.  One hour minimum. 

Personal Assistant

Our administrative services may include writing letters and cards, bill preparation, making appointments, creating documents etc.    

Errand Runs

Let us assist with picking up the dry cleaning, groceries, post office runs, personal shopping for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, etc.

Home Safety Assessment

We'll help keep you or your loved one safe from falls due to clutter, cords, items that are out of arms reach, medication placement, organizing etc.   One hour minimum.

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